10 of the most outrageously expensive upgrades for bikes

You know the sort of thing, you’ve just shelled out on a new set of forks when the next edition comes along that saves 0.5 grams of weight and reduces friction by 0.08 of a percent. Your head screams ‘WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!” whilst your heart whispers seductively telling you that a new fork is EXACTLY what you need to make you a better rider. We’ve also pretty much all done the internet wishlist, when you search for those parts you would upgrade to if money was no object.

Well we’ve taken it one step further and chosen the sorts of mega expensive upgrades that most mere mortals would spit their tea over and utter ‘How much??‘. The sorts of upgrades that Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei would buy if they were mountain bikers.

thm clavicula m3 mtb

THM Clavicula M³ MTB crankset, £792.87 (no chainring)

Renowned in the roadie world for their über light carbon cranks and forks, the Clavicula M³ MTB is THM’s modular mountain bike specific carbon crankset. A swappable carbon spider allows the use of everything from SRAM Eagle single chainrings all the way up to a Euro-tastic triple. Weighing in at just 340 grams for the arms, the Clavicula is still the lightest production crankset on the market.

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