10 of the most outrageously expensive upgrades for bikes


CeramicSpeed 3D Printed Hollow Ti pulley/jockey wheels, £699.26

No, that price is not an error. Nearly seven hundred pounds for a pair of jockey wheels. Of course, these aren’t just any normal jockey wheels. CeramicSpeed 3D print them out of titanium, while this in itself isn’t anything new (Charge were doing it years ago), these are hollow printed. The Danish brand then add to the exotic construction with top end ceramic bearings for an unparalleled spin. CeramicSpeed claim that these are some of the most durable jockey wheels they have produced and are suitable for riders who ride in ‘demanding conditions’ or ride a lot. Sadly for SRAM users these are Shimano only currently. But worry not as CeramicSpeed produce some ‘regular’ coated titanium jockey wheels for SRAM Eagle users. For once, SRAM is actually cheaper than Shimano as they come in at a reasonable £497.36.

SRAM XX1 Eagle derailleur tuned by HOPP Carbon Parts £702.93

Fed up of your SRAM XX1 Eagle derailleur not being light enough or just not unique enough? Fear not, HOPP Carbon Parts offer a complete upgrade package to shed 60 grams off the already light XX1 derailleur. Weighing just 196 grams, almost every major part is swapped out for a carbon equivalent. You can either buy the parts yourself or thanks to R2-Bike you can buy a whole new, ready built version.

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