10 of the most outrageously expensive upgrades for bikes

trickstuff direttissima

Trickstuff Direttissima brakeset £694.18

Pretty much the most powerful brakes you can purchase. Trickstuff’s Direttissima is the pinnacle of German design and exquisite engineering. CNC machined to be as functional as possible, the four piston design is suitable for use over any discipline. Trickstuff machine all the pieces themselves and offer about as many different colour options as there are colours in the world.

ax lightness rigid

AX-Lightness Rigid stem £436.30

Probably of more interest to the XC racers amongst us thanks to the shortest length being 70mm. But where the Rigid does become interesting is the weight. How does 68 grams for the 70mm stem sound? And that’s complete with bolts! AX-Lightness claim the Rigid is stiffer than most aluminium stems thanks to its full carbon construction. They are also happy to recommend it for offered use, as long as you fall inside their 100kg weight limit.

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