Santa Cruz V10 CC – £7699

10 Most Expensive Downhill Bikes on the Market

With proven success behind it and the cult status that comes with being ridden by Minnaar, Peaty and Ratboy, the Santa Cruz V10CC is one of the most coveted bikes on the market.

The sixth generation of the flagship Santa Cruz model now offers 216mm of travel in two adjustable geometry positions. The shock rate has been tuned to be more linear and deliver consistent damping throughout the travel.

The introduction of XL and XXL sizes last year also mean it’s viable for the tallest of riders.

Haibike xDuro Downhill Pro – £7599

10 Most Expensive Downhill Bikes on the Market

Take a deep breath. It’s okay. You don’t have to buy it. But yes, you can now buy an electric downhill bike for just under £8000, and the Haibike xDuro isn’t the only one on the market either. We just thought best not to pack this list full of the things.

This has been described as “the next big thing”, and Haibike say it’s “a must for all downhill mountain bikers who want to take the pressure off coming back up”. We’ll leave you to make your judgments.

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