The 9 Most Expensive Mountain Bikes in the World

The best possible bike buying advice you can take to heart is to set a budget for yourself, stick to it, and don’t go hopelessly into debt when it’s time to upgrade your mountain bike. Here on Singletracks we’re big fans of running what ya brung and focusing on the most important part of mountain biking: enjoying the ride!

However, I can’t help thinking: “what if I won the lottery? What is the most expensive mountain bike that money could buy?” While I may need to start playing if I want to win, I realized that there wasn’t an exhaustive, accurate list of the most expensive mountain bikes in the world. So I decided to create one.

While of course you can break the bank by going fully-custom everything and adding over-the-top bling to your rig, to level the playing field I focused solely on non-custom, production mountain bikes with stock build kits. If you’re ordering off the shelf, here are the 9 most expensive mountain bikes to buy with your lottery winnings.

$10,600: Yeti SB6 XX1 Eagle Turq


As best I can tell, there’s a three-way tie for the 7th, 8th, and 9th most expensive mountain bikes in the world, with all three of these models ringing in at $10,600. We decided to cut this list off at 9 models because it turns out there is a large number of mountain bikes clustering around the $10,500 mark. So, we present to you the top 9.

One of the models at the $10,600 price point is the renowned Yeti SB6 enduro rig with the top-end Turq carbon, kitted out with an XX1 1×12 Eagle drivetrain.

The SB6 rocks 6″ of suspension travel, provided by a top-of-the-line Fox 36 fork and a Fox Float X Evo rear shock. In addition to the blinged-out drivetrain, this model of the SB6 comes stock with 27.5″ ENVE M70 carbon Boost wheels.

Total bike weight: 28.8lbs

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