The Ford Cars You’ve Probably Will Never Be Able to Buy in America

Everyone knows you can buy Ford cars and trucks in every corner of the United States. If you only know Ford because of its American minivans and F-150 trucks, we’re here to tell you there’s more to the story. For starters, it makes several high-octane, top-tier cars. In fact, powerful cars are a big part of its deep history. In keeping up with the times, Ford is one of the leaders in the electric vehicle segment — right up there with Tesla.

You’ve surely seen a fair share of Ford cars on American roads. The Escort, Fiesta, Focus, Mustang, Model T, and F-series trucks are all some of the best-selling cars ever. But Ford is a multinational company that sells cars all over the world, some of which aren’t for sale in the United States. Ford makes these cars and trucks, but good luck buying them in the USA.

1. Everest

2017 Ford Everest2017 Ford Everest | Ford Australia

In many global markets, they get the Ford Everest instead of the Ford Explorer. Despite the different names, the Everest has all the luxuries of an American SUV. The Everest shares the same bones as a car we’ll see in item No. 6 on this list, but it is its own unique vehicle.

2. Falcon

2014 Ford Falcon2014 Ford Falcon | Ford Australia

At one time you could buy a Ford Falcon in the U.S., but its domestic run ended in 1970. It lasted quite a bit longer in Australia and had several iterations. The Australian versions were their own breed, and even if you’ve never been down under you might have seen a vintage Falcon in The Road Warrior. And though the Falcon’s success in the U.S. was short-lived, there is still a dedicated fan base that celebrates it.

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