15 Extra Unique DIY Srapbooks

Making your own DIY scrapbook is always a crafty, nostalgic experience, even when you buy a base book and simply inset your own pages that you’ve decorated yourself. Fun scrapbooking supplies from your local craft store can be expensive sometimes, but there are always alternatives. Sometimes it’s even more fun to actually make your own scrapbook from scratch, or from more unconventional things!

Check out these 15 awesome and unique scrapbooks that are a little different than the pre-made books you’ll find at the store.

1. Wallet sized Valentine’s scrapbook

Wallet sized valentine's scrapbook

Many of the store bought scrapbook designs are very large and designed to be more like a full sized family photo album. If you live in a small space or you’d like to be able to leave the scrapbook out for guests to browse as they please, however, then a smaller design might make more sense. That’s why I’m such a big fan of this smaller version! Check out how Wedding Chicks made it using wallet-sized photo prints.

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