24 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas to Save Money

Looking for some cool DIY wedding favor ideas? If you want some unique and cheap wedding favors to give your guests on the big day, then this is the list you should be checking out!

DIY Wedding Favor Ideas | DIY Wedding Ideas

No wedding is complete without wedding favors. There should always be something the guests can take home as a keepsake to remember the special day that they shared with the newlyweds.

Wedding souvenirs can be expensive as my cousin recently learned. She’s been planning her wedding, and the last thing on her list were wedding favors. And was she surprised by the cost. So, being the best cousin a girl can ever have, I told her what I tell almost anyone who walks in a store, “We can make that!”. She was so relieved. So, if you’re also in need of some personalized wedding favors, this is the list of DIY wedding favor ideas I gave her to check out.

1. DIY Coffee Bean or Tea Wedding Favors

Share your love of coffee or tea with your guests. See it here.

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