Best DIY: 8 Homemade Wasp Traps To Get Rid Of Wasps

2- DIY Wasp Trap With a Jug

The second wasp trap on this list can be build with use of very basic items like a jug in your home. In order to build this homemade wasp trap model, assemble a packing tape, razor blade, hot water, sugar, hole punch, and a spoon. Now, begin with cutting off the top third of your jug with the blade. Attach the piece of tape to the jug’s opening. Now, it’s time to invert the top part of the jug and place it in the bottom part of the jug. Once you’ve completed these steps, you now have a homemade wasp trap made out of a jug.

After completing the setup of this wasp trap, you can simply add any sweet item which attracts wasps and place the trap wherever there’s a wasp activity.

DIY Wasp Trap With a Jug

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