20 Easy DIY Dog Beds and Crates That Let You Pamper Your Pup

If you’re a pet lover, I’ve got a treat for you. I’ve collected a few different DIY pet beds that you can totally make in just a few hours – some of them won’t even take up that much time. If you’ve been meaning to buy your little doggie a bed but just can’t make yourself spend that much money – those things aren’t cheap you know – then you may want to DIY one instead, and I’ve found some of the easiest beds that you can make. DIY Dog Beds and Crates That Let You Pamper Your Pup

In addition to being cheap, these beds are also much better quality than many that you’ll find on store shelves. Their also made with love, which your doggies deserve, right? Most of them require only minimal work and even the ones that are a bit more complicated are still relatively easy. You love your pets, right? Don’t you want to give them a place of their own? From nightstand beds to no sew cushions, I’ve found so many different ways for you to show your little doggies so much love.  Easy DIY Dog Beds and Crates That Let You Pamper Your Pup

I pamper my little pooches so much. I mean, from homemade dog food to homemade dog toys, I always want to show them love. Homemade is so much better than store bought in my opinion and my dogs really do feel spoiled with all the DIY stuff they get from me.

So, if you prefer to give your little doggies the DIY treatment, I think you’re going to love this collection of dog beds. There are so many wonderful ideas in here – even a Murphy bed! Whether you have a teacup sized pooch or something much larger, there’s a bed in here that is going to be perfect for his relaxation, and let’s face it – DIY is what we do best!

Here Are 20 Easy DIY Dog Beds and Crates That Let You Pamper Your Pup:

1. Broken End Table Bed

Broken End Table Bed

Instead of throwing out that broken end table, use it to create this adorable bed for your favorite little pooch. Turned upside down, the legs of this table make it look very regal as a bed. I love the white paint and when it’s finished, you just add something cushiony like a premade pet bed or pillow or even a cuddly blanket for him to sleep on.Source/Tutorial: southernrevivals

2. DIY Dog Bed And Cabinet

DIY Dog Bed And Cabinet

This dog bed is also a great cabinet to store all of Fido’s toys, food, and other necessities. I love the idea of keeping everything together and the bed itself looks really comfortable. You can easily make this from an old nightstand or side table – just add a coat of paint and something comfortable for the bed area. I love how it’s personalized for your little pup and has everything right there within easy reach.Source/Tutorial: mommatoldmeblog

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