20 Easy DIY Dog Beds and Crates That Let You Pamper Your Pup

3. Raised Bed For Large Breeds

Raised Bed For Large Breeds

Larger breeds can find it difficult to get up and down when they grow older. This raised bed for larger breeds is a great way to help them be more comfortable, even before those golden years. With legs attached to the base, it’s raised off the floor just a bit and you just have to add a cushion for their total relaxation.Source/Tutorial: wouldntitbelovelyblog

4. DIY Recycled Tire Bed

DIY Recycled Tire Bed

What a great idea for a dog bed! This recycled tire bed is so adorable and so very easy to make. You just basically clean an old tire, paint it, and then add cushioning. This probably isn’t the greatest bed for larger breeds – unless you’re using a tractor tire or something – but it’s perfect for small to medium sized dogs. You can have this entire bed made in just the time it takes for the paint to dry.Source/Tutorial: practicallyfunctional

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