20 DIY Window Flower Box Planters To Beautify Your Home

I have always loved seeing window boxes on houses. They just add so much design and beauty to your windows and can really improve your curb appeal. If you have always loved them too and you want to add some window boxes to your home, I have a wonderful list of 20 DIY window boxes that are all really cheap and easy to make. You could buy window boxes at any home improvement store but you’re going to pay about $50 to $100 for a good one. You can DIY a window box for much less.

Whether you put real plants or silk flowers in your window box, this is a wonderful way to add some beauty to your home. You can also use window boxes to grow succulents and herbs and give yourself a bit more space to grow things, which is really helpful if you don’t necessarily have a lot of gardening space. Just imagine growing beautiful flowers right there under your windows. Not only does this give you color and beauty on the outside, but you will see these gorgeous flowers every time you open your windows.

Flower boxes are so much easier to make than you may have thought and you can make many of these with repurposed or upcycled materials, which means that they are also really cheap. Whether you want a traditional wooden window box or you prefer something make of plastic, you are going to find the perfect DIY project to add beauty to your home. DIY window boxes are the perfect way to add that extra touch to your outdoor décor, and be sure to also check out these 10 DIY butterfly feeders that will bring gorgeous butterflies to your garden this spring and summer.

1. Cheap And Easy $3 Window Box

Cheap And Easy $3 Window Box

If you want a window box that is really cheap and really easy to DIY, this one is it. You make this with wood, that only costs a little over a dollar per board, and it only takes about half an hour to make one. You could add one to every window on your house for less than $100 – depending of course on how many windows you have.

Tutorial: howdoesshe

2. DIY Window Box From Upcycled Window

DIY Window Box From Upcycled Window

This DIY window box is made from an old window and it is perfect if you want to add a bit of rustic flair to your home’s exterior. This one is really easy to make and it is the perfect way to repurpose old windows. If you have a few old wooden windows on hand, this window box won’t cost you anything and it doesn’t take long at all to DIY.

Tutorial: robomargo

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