30 DIY Rustic Wooden Toys Kids Will Love

Do you remember those great wooden toys that used to be all the rage back in the day? I love those things and I love that you can actually make many of them yourself. Whether you want something extra special for the holidays or your child’s birthday, or just any occasion, you are going to love the 30 DIY rustic wooden toys that I have found that you can make yourself. Not only are some of these very reminiscent of days gone by, they are all really easy to make and your kids are going to love them.

Don’t just stop with your little ones – make these for every child you know. There are toys in here for toddlers to teens and even a few babies. If you have an upcoming baby shower that you are planning to attend, why not make something really special like a homemade wooden rattle? All of these toys are fabulous and they really do take you back in time. Plus, you can make many of these with wood pieces that you have left over from other projects.

From stackers to toy cars, airplanes and even a great DIY play kitchen – these wooden toys are going to be cherished by your little ones for years. What a wonderful way to give your child something that they could eventually pass down to their own children! I love heirlooms and these DIY wooden toys prove to be some of the best heirlooms you could ever make.

1. DIY Wood Block Stacker

DIY Wood Block Stacker

You remember those old plastic stacking toys that you played with as a kid – or that your kids played with? Well, this is a wooden version and it is spectacular. The colors alone are great to keep kids entertained and you make the blocks in different sizes to teach them stacking skills. This one is really easy and would make a wonderful DIY gift for any toddler.

Tutorial: weefolkart

2. DIY Wooden Toy Camera

DIY Wooden Toy Camera

This little toy camera is adorable and it looks so much like the real thing! While your little one won’t be able to actually take pictures with this one, or look through it for images that are preset into it, it’s the perfect toy for toddlers who want to act like their parents and snap photos wherever they go. Plus, it’s a pretty easy plan to follow to make it.

Tutorial: lilblueboo

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