30 DIY Rustic Wooden Toys Kids Will Love

3. Easy Wooden Chalkboard City Blocks

Easy Wooden Chalkboard City Blocks

Kids are going to love building their own cities with these chalkboard wooden blocks. You just have to cut the blocks out and then add the chalkboard paint. The fun thing about these blocks is that they can change them up as often as they want. Let them decorate their own little cities with white and colored chalk and then use those blocks for creative play.

Tutorial: hellobee

4. DIY Wooden Cap Gun And Target

DIY Wooden Cap Gun And Target

Little boys love playing with toy guns and this wooden gun is really adorable. It shoots rubber bands – note that this is something that definitely requires adult supervision during play. You can make this little gun out of just one piece of wood and a few clothespins. Then, create the target and let them practice hitting each one.

Tutorial: runnerduck

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