5 Vital Tips To Improve Air Circulation For HousePlants

The most common cause of the untimely death of houseplants is poor air circulation, learn how to improve it with these tips in this article!

Why Air Circulation for Houseplants is Important

Proper air circulation is a paramount factor in growing healthy plants whether the plants are planted outdoors or indoors. Good air circulation promotes water evaporation, transpiration, prevents condensation on the leaf surfaces, reduce the growth of fungal infections and rot, and helps in making their growing limbs stronger. diy diy best diy

How to Improve Air Circulation For Indoor Plants

1. Keep the Plants Near Windows

Keeping the plants near the windows can not only expose them to ample light but fresh air as well, which is important for the healthy growth. best diy planter tips, diy best plants, diy houseplants for best diy.

2. Use a Fan

A fan can be of great help to any plant that is planted indoors as it circulates the air and prevents the dampness on plants and condensation. You can use floor fan, ceiling fan or oscillating fan as per the requirement.

A Tip: Do not position the fan directly on plants.

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