20 Easy DIY Trellis Ideas To Add Charm and Functionality To Your Garden

5. Scrap Board Vertical Container Garden Trellis

Scrap Board Vertical Container Garden Trellis

This trellis not only adds dimension so your flower garden, it doubles as a vertical garden so you can hang your container planters on it. It’s a really easy build with scrap boards that you may have left over from other projects and when you paint it, it’s a colorful addition to your flower garden that gives you loads of space to hang planters.Source/Tutorial: bhg

6. Easy DIY A-Frame Trellis

Easy DIY A-Frame Trellis

This easy to build a-frame trellis is perfect for your cucumbers or you could build it in your flower garden to help add character and give your vines a place to climb. You just nail your boards together in an A shape and then add wire to give vines a place to grab on. You can build one of these in about 15 minutes or less and it won’t cost much depending on what you have on hand.Source/Tutorial: apartmenttherapy

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