Top 10 DIY Zen Gardens Features That Add Beauty To Your Backyard

3. Add Some Moss

Add Some Moss

Just like rocks and sand, moss is an important aspect of your Zen garden. Moss is one of the most important plants in a Japanese Zen garden and you can easily incorporate it into your own little backyard Zen garden. Plant moss in the center of your sand or rock path or just have containers with moss sitting around your relaxation area. Moss also grows well where other plants and flowers do not, so it’s a great ground cover for areas with poor soil quality. You could even go so far as to add a DIY bed of grass.

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4. Keep It Simple

There are so many ways that you can build your own outdoor Zen garden. You can add so many different elements, or leave some of them out. If you really want to get that Zen feeling, a bench is a must. Plus, you might want to add in some pagoda lanterns and other elements that both beautify your space and make it the perfect place for relaxing. The key is to keep is simple – you won’t get that Zen feeling if you overload your backyard with too many elements.

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