TOP 10 Easy DIY Hammocks for You to Enjoy this Summer

I still remember my childhood summer days spent either relaxing comfortably in a hammock in our garden, or fighting off my siblings for the hammock. There’s something just so peaceful and tranquil about hanging there – I’d lie there and read a book, listen to music on my Walkman (well that makes me feel old!), take a nap,snack on some ice cream or sorbet to cool down, or just enjoy the outdoors and my thoughts. Easy DIY Hammocks for You to Enjoy this Summer

Now that I’ve grown up and have my own place I haven’t experienced that calming, leisurely satisfaction for quite some time, and I think I deserve that again! Especially since life has become a lot more stressful than when I was a little kid. I’m planning on making my own hammock as opposed to dishing out the hard-earned cash… and so should you! Here are some helpful tutorials to help us on our way. TOP 10 Easy DIY Hammocks for You to Enjoy this Summer

DIY Macramé Chair


Using this clever age-old knotting technique, you can make yourself a stunning and comfy hammock chair – the perfect place to relax outside and get on with your latest book. Once you get started with the knotting, you’ll be surprised just how simple this actually is to make!

DIY Instructions and Project Credit – eHow

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