19 Green Technology Hacks for Sustainable Houses and Greening your Home with Ease

Let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to worry about which appliances have been left on, running around turning off all off the lights, or even adjusting the thermostat setting based on the temperature outside to optimize energy usage. 

In a survey by RetailMeNot on environmentally friendly behaviours, 78% of respondents indicated they would be willing to turn off lights when they leave a room but how many of us actually do this all of the time?  I know I don’t but I know I should.

The reality is that we are too busy getting on with life whether that is going to work, taking the kids to school or sport, having dinner with friends or a hundred other better things we could be doing rather than worry about how much energy we use – at least until we get our electricity bill.

But despite all of this we also understand that we need to be more environmentally sustainable and reduce our impact on the planet.

In a survey of 1,091 US consumers on 10 topics, including electric and hybrid vehicles, GMO foods, and environmentally friendly products 5% of consumers say their next car will be a hybrid/electric vehicle, more than 50% of consumers oppose GMO foods, and 1 in 3 consumers prefer eco-friendly options.

So whilst we all say we want to live more environmentally friendly, 1 in 3 of us are even willing to pay a little more to be more green, the reality is we don’t do anything because we are all just too damn busy.


This is where green technology can help create more sustainable houses with ease.

When it comes to being more sustainable with your energy usage there are some awesome green technology hacks that can take the hard work out managing your energy usage from smart thermostats to lighting you can control from your smart phone.

The following awesome Eco-friendly green home products and green technology hacks will help you save energy, help the planet, amaze your friends, give you bragging rights and let you get on with enjoying your life without sacrificing your time or your wallet.

Our top 19 Green Technology Hacks for Sustainable Houses and Greening your Home with Ease

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