21 Unvarnished Truths About Retirement

Stop searching for happiness. The only place you can be happy is in the present. Stop chasing tomorrow and fully experience happiness today.

Your bucket list is crap. Putting things on a bucket list can be just another way of deferring your aspirations. Sure, go ahead and make a list but remember: life goes on while you are making plans. Lists are useless unless we utilize them.

Comfort is overrated. The magic in life takes place at the edges of our comfort zones. Memories are made by pushing yourself and trying new things. Challenging yourself and growing your boundaries is more rewarding than security and comfort.

Go with your feelings. You don’t have to intellectualize or justify everything you want to do. It is okay to do things solely because you want to. Take dance lessons. Learn to play the zither. Who cares about the critics? You have earned it.

You are responsible. You may not be at fault for what happens, but you get to choose how you respond to everything. Yes, everything. Your response to anything is a choice. You are response-able.

You get to choose what matters. You didn’t get this far to keep jumping through other people’s hoops. Don’t forget the importance of yourself.

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