4 Tips on How to Live a Fulfilling but Frugal Life Throughout Retirement

If you’re retired or will be soon, you’ve likely thought about a post-career household budget.

If you haven’t, you should. A study from Pew Research points out the Great Recession eroded 20 years of household income growth, and almost half of Americans say they now spend more than they make. That’s not exactly a recipe for success for retirees.

Fortunately, there are ways to live frugally and still achieve a high level of financial wellness, says Scott Smith, president of Salt Lake City-based CreditRepair.com. “Frugality is a matter of interpretation — to live frugally, one doesn’t need to give up everything and live like a hermit,” Smith says. “Instead, living a thrifty yet fabulous life in retirement is possible through a little extra discipline and attention to detail.”

Smith and other financial experts offer retirees some much-needed “frugal living” advice to spend modestly but still maintain a good quality of living in their golden years.

For example, Smith recommends looking closely at spending patterns in retirement, using a budget reassessment model. “Retirees should track their spending on necessities — mortgage, electric bill, food, etc. — and recreation as well,” he says. “Tallying monthly spending will help to plan for an adjusted income and identify where spending habits may need adjustment.”

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