4 Tips to a Healthier Retirement Everyone Have To Know

1) Why should you cut down on alcohol?

A lot of people enjoy a drink now and then.

But make no mistake, even moderate amounts of alcohol may be bad for you.

The difficult-to-stomach truth is that alcohol contributes to more than 60 medical conditions, including many cancers, high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis and depression. [1]

Everyone is different. And while it’s true, some people can drink more than others and never suffer the ill health effects, it’s also true that alcohol is a drug that negatively impacts every system in your body. [2]

2) Why exercise?

Exercise is as close to a magic bullet as exists in the world today. It strengthens bones, boosts mood and memory, improves balance, helps prevent chronic illness, and is great for your heart.

Simply, exercise is an essential part of healthy aging. [3]

A quick reminder: If you don’t yet exercise, see your doctor first. Work with him or her to decide what your fitness goals should be. Starting slow is terrific. (You don’t have to run marathons or ever set foot in a gym.) In fact, walking may be the best exercise of all. [4]

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