The Ultimate Guide to Automate Your Life in Just 30 Days

Step #2: Buying Groceries

Day 4. Research Delivery Options

There are lots of different apps, programs, and systems available that can help you cut down on the amount of time you spend making grocery lists and shopping. Today, research your available options such as Amazon’s Subscribe & Save or Jet.

Day 5. Make a Plan

Now that you know what’s available, choose what works best for you. Some grocery stores will do the shopping and deliver your food to your door. Others will package up your food and have it waiting for pickup at the customer service desk. Weight the pros and cons to decide what option will save you both time and money.

Day 6. Take Action

Once you have a plan, it’s time to put it into action. Go ahead and try out your grocery store delivery service and see whether this actually eliminates the impulse purchases you might have made if you had done the shopping yourself. Then, assess how much money you actually saved by using the service.

Step #3: Food Preparation

Day 7. Collect Your Recipes

Find your favorite recipes online or in old-fashioned cookbooks. Take the time to compile your favs and begin thinking about cooking these meals.

Day 8. Pick a Menu App

Choose an app such as Menu Planner to help you plan your meals. Some apps will let you input your own recipes and then set them up on an automatic rotation. This is a cool feature as this form of automation helps you save money. How? You’ll only buy the food you need and thus you won’t spend unnecessarily or waste food.

Day 9. Get Cooking

Some meal planning apps help you prepare to cook for the rest of the week, whereas others get you used to cooking on a daily basis. Either way, you won’t waste time fumbling around to figure out what’s for dinner.

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