8 Interesting Ways to Spend Your Time in Retirement

Most of the retirees I work with report that they’ve never been happier.

But are you as busy as you’d like to be?

Retirement is a huge transition. In fact, even several years into retirement, a majority of the people that I meet with report that the emotional adjustments never really end.

What’s the most common concern? While the increased time for travel and family is a great thing, many of my clients admit that they’d like to be a little busier.

But how?

What follows is a list of some interesting and even off-beat gigs intended to get those creative time-management juices flowing.

After all, having enough money in retirement is just the beginning. Finding personalized and creative ways to spend your time will make all that hard work and freedom that much sweeter.

1. Teach or Mentor: We all want to make a difference, so here’s the perfect opportunity: Mentor a teenager, or, better yet, an entire classroom. Quality teachers are always in demand! Your experience will change a young life for the better.

2. Go Back to School: Not the teaching type? The oldest student at Harvard this year is 95. Colleges and universities around the globe are working hard to attract mature people. The admission standards and costs are lower for retirees. The average age of an undergraduate at the Sorbonne in Paris is now 45! What’s more, college towns in America are great places to live, and universities such as Penn State and Michigan State actually have specially designed retirement villages right on campus.

3. Write Your Memoir: Everyone has a story. Everyone. Writing is not easy, but it’s therapeutic, and whether it’s a cookbook, a novel, or a how-to manual, putting your passion or experience down on paper is a terrific way to spend your time and keep your mind sharp.

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