8 Interesting Ways to Spend Your Time in Retirement

4. Become a Lighthouse Keeper or Fire Station Lookout: According to the Canadian Lighthouse Keepers Association, there are still more than 200 manned lighthouses worldwide. Many lighthouses are in need of tour guides, as well.

Prefer the mountains to the sea? The Forest Fire Lookout Association of America lists thousands of jobs and volunteer positions for people who wouldn’t mind manning a mountain top in the wild for several weeks at a time.

5. Work in a Resort: All across the Caribbean and throughout the world are resorts that love to hire experienced people as hosts, guides, and managers. Club Med likes to boast that they have 6,000 employees over the age of 65 working in their 80 properties worldwide.

6. Become a Long-Haul Trucker: Want to really see the country? Did you know that the American Trucking Association (ATA) has 20,000 immediate openings for long-haul truckers? Getting a long-haul trucker’s license can take as little as two months. The ATA has even started a recruitment campaign aimed at retirees, and seem especially interested in luring husband and wife teams to get behind the wheel of a big-rig.

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