8 Smart Frugal Balanced Living Tips And Ideas

I want to offer some smart frugal balanced living tips to those who have embraced Frugal Living and are saving for early retirement, trying to pay off all their debt, are already retired, or to anyone interested in some money-saving ideas to get to where they strive to be.

The idea is to make cuts that are sustainable over the long-term. You don’t have to stop doing everything you enjoy.

For example, say you enjoy going out to dinner and a movie every week. If the average cost is $60, think instead about cutting back to every other Friday night and then making a point of getting a DVD from the Library or Redbox for the other Fridays.

Doing that would cut your Dinner and Movie budget in half. That extra $120 a month would be $1440 a year that could be invested or used to pay down debt.

Taking steps like that is the reward of frugal living. Find YOUR smart-frugal and balanced lifestyle.

Let me share a little secret with you. Sometimes we do things out of habit that we think brings us real happiness. Once you scale back or stop doing some of those things that add costs to your lifestyle you might see that it really didn’t bring that much real happiness to your life after all and you don’t even miss it.

Here are 8 smart frugal balanced living tips and ideas

First you must address the essentials of living. When you engage in frugal living your focus is on saving and investing which may overshadow other important areas of your life. If you take your time and really think things through you will find that there are smart frugal living solutions to apply for each of these “essentials” listed below:

Frugal Tips #1: Home –

Obtain the lowest rent or mortgage interest rate possible. Make smart frugal living trade-offs whether it is location, size, or energy efficiency.

Frugal Tips #2: Utilities –

Part of this “essential” is utilities which is another place where you may be able to control a few things. Be careful about watering by only watering enough needed to keep the lawn green. People get used to setting their programmable sprinkling system and let it run even after or during a rain storm. Be more proactive and alter or suspend the irrigation cycle. It saves money on the summer water bill.

Spread lawn mowing out to keep the lawn longer to conserve water. Consider only mowing every 10 to 12 days or when it is too long depending on rainfall in your area.

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