17 Brilliant Yet Simple Ways To Save Money As A Couple

#6 Track your money. The most straightforward way for a couple to save money is to keep track of every single expenditure. From groceries to how much gas was pumped that week, write everything down. Allocate a compartment in your wallet for receipts and compile them with your spouse’s at the end of the week.

Write everything down and calculate how much you spend every month. It will be easier to figure out what you can cut back on when everything is neatly laid out in front of you. If you are not a receipt-saving kind of person, download an application on your phone and remember to key in what you spend.

#7 Allocate a budget. Once you have determined how much you spend on surviving every month, lay down the law and allocate a sensible budget for each person. You will be surprised at how much willpower you have once you know just how much you are allowed to spend every week. This will help you cut back on unnecessary spending as you will think twice about whether you really need that second tool box, or the thousandth pair of stockings.

#8 Create realistic goals. Sit down with your partner and talk about creating a realistic savings plan. By right, you should be putting aside at least 20% of your salary towards your savings account. It is understandable if that is impossible to do for now, so you do what you can. No matter how tight your finances are, you always have to set some money aside for a rainy day.

#9 Online discount sites. Sites like Groupon are a god-sent for couples on a budget. Coupons from sites like these give you the chance to indulge in things that you should not be doing when you are trying to save money. Examples include heading for a couple’s massage or dining at a nice restaurant. You need to treat yourself occasionally or life will seem drab and dull. Just remember to do so on a budget.

#10 Travel locally. Although traveling should be out of the question when you are trying to save money as a couple, there is no reason why you cannot do so locally. Heading to a sweet bed and breakfast for a weekend is thousands of dollars cheaper than buying round trip plane tickets to the Maldives. There is no reason why you should withhold yourself from traveling and enjoying yourself if you are on a budget.

You simply have to conform your destination to how much you are able to spend. Traveling locally or during off peak seasons are genius ways to keep the travel bug in your life without breaking the bank.

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