MINIMIZE PAINT-FILLED LID RIMS Employ the sharp point on a 5-in-1 painter’s tool and a hammer to punch several holes in the bottom of a paint can’s rim. This allows […]

Welcome to the AirBrush Dome! We’re about to unleash 5 Airbrush hacks for painting green upon the masses; I hope you’re ready. These are the new Jade Palace Bases that […]

The world is fundamentally generative, as it is created by physical, biological, and chemical processes. But it isn’t comprised of clean mathematical lines; rather, it is a struggle between mathematical […]

We’ve seen our fair share of Ikea hacks throughout the years, but if there’s one piece that’s managed to consistently surprise us with a never-ending cycle of fresh takes and reinventions, […]

“Aren’t rucksacks waterproof?” is a question that I hear all too often, but the simple answer is usually a no. Some manufacturers offer waterproof rucksacks, but the truth is that […]

backpack is one of the very first pieces of gear you’ll need to get started hiking. Considering you’ll be wearing it for hours at a time, you’ll want to make […]

Mountain Hardwear Multi-Pitch 16 Our take Small doesn’t equal flimsy with the MultiPitch. Packs this size—just big enough for lunch, layers, and water—are often made with light materials that don’t hold up to abuse. […]