The Soul Fits into Quantum Mechanics According to Physicist

Stapp is a humble man, and while he’s not going around trying to push the soul onto anyone and make you believe it – He simply expresses that the existence of the soul does in fact fit within the laws of physics.

Belief in the soul is scientific, according to Stapp. Here the word “soul” is used to describe a consciousness or personality which is independent of the brain or the rest of the human body. This consciousness transcends the physical body and does indeed survive death. In his paper, “Compatibility of Contemporary Physical Theory With Personality Survival,” he wrote: “Strong doubts about personality survival based solely on the belief that postmortem survival is incompatible with the laws of physics are unfounded.”

Stapp noted of his own concepts: “There has been no hint in my previous descriptions (or conception) of this orthodox quantum mechanics of any notion of personality survival.”

Why Quantum Theory Could Hint at Life After Death

Stapp explains that the founders of quantum theory required scientists to essentially cut the world into two parts. You are probably familiar with this “cut”, for they are traditionally measured and described by the two areas of physics: General Relativity and Quantum Physics.

General Relativity describes the physical processes empirically experienced. Quantum Physics on the other hand describes a realm “which does not entail complete physical determinism.”

In relationship to this new world of Quantum Mechanics, Stapp wrote: “One generally finds that the evolved state of the system below the cut cannot be matched to any conceivable classical description of the properties visible to observers.”

In order then to “observe the invisible”, they purposefully selected properties of the quantum world and set up a measuring tool to observe the physical effects of the quantum happenings.

And yet despite all of this, the key continues to point to the experimenter’s choice. When working with the quantum system, the observer’s choice has been shown to physically impact what manifests and can be observed physically. You probably recall the Double Slit Experiment, where the observation of the particles changed their behavior from a Particle to a Wave.

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