This Secluded Lagoon In Washington Might Just Be Your New Favorite Swimming Spot

If you prefer to swim in natural waters surrounded by nature rather than playing it safe at a public pool, you’re probably familiar with some of Washington’s more popular swimming holes (and hopefully you have a few secret spots of your own). And while this secluded spot isn’t exactly a secret, if you catch it on the right day, you can enjoy a totally relaxing swim on the kind of hot summer day we wait all year for.

Located in the Washougal River, a 33-mile tributary of the Columbia River, Dougan Falls is pretty remote.

You’ll have to drive the entire length of the river before you find it.

The falls flow into a picturesque pool of pristine clear water.

The lagoon stays clean because of the fresh new water constantly flowing through it.

This is one of the best natural swimming spots in the state.

It’s a popular place on a hot day, but if you go during the week, you can beat the crowds.

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