15 Michigan swimming spots that are worth a road trip

They don’t call Michigan the Great Lakes State for nothing! And sure, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron are fantastic, but it’s Michigan’s inland lakes that make our state a goldmine for people who love the water. Doesn’t matter if you’re boating, swimming, fishing, or even waterskiing — Michigan’s lakes are beautiful and a great time for everyone. Here are 23 lakes that are worth a weekend road trip.

Burt Lake

Driving distance from Detroit: 3 hours and 56 minutes
Located at the tippy top of the lower peninsula, Burt Lake is the perfect peaceful getaway. With Burt Lake State Park on the southeast corner and the many beaches lining the east side, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the sun and the sand. The vast waterways also offer extensive areas for boating and watersports. Whether you want to put your toes in the sand or impress your friends on a wakeboard, this lake has a great mix of relaxation and adventure

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