5 Pro Painting Hacks

Interior painting is a challenging, time-consuming task that requires specialist equipment and expertise. In this article, we’ll share with you five pro painting hacks to make you interior paint job a little easier. Good luck!

No more drips

Paint drips on the sides of the tin can be messy, and once dry, might prevent your paint tin from properly sealing. To combat annoying drips, grab a rubber band, and stretch it around the can longways so the band runs across the can’s opening.

Then, dip your brush into the paint, and swipe it over the rubber band to remove excess paint.

Take advantage of colour matching

If you have found a colour that you absolutely adore but have no idea what it’s called, you can get major paint retailers to mix you a custom colour. Most of the time, they’ll do this at your local hardware store.

Simply bring in a photo, wallpaper scrap, wrapping paper, a magazine cut-out – anything at all – and they should be able to match the colour perfectly.

Be patient

Okay, we’ll admit it, this one isn’t really a hack. It’s more of a rule – a very, very important rule.

When it comes to painting, you must be patient. If you don’t wait at least 24 hours before moving your furniture back in place, you run the risk of ruining your paint work – and your furniture.

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