6 Wisconsin Ski Hills Great for Beginners

Learning to ski is one of the best ways to spend more time outdoors with the family during the winter. However, the process of learning to ski can feel downright intimidating. How do you get on a ski lift? How do you stop at the bottom of the hill? What happens when you fall?

Fortunately, the answer to all of these questions is to find a great Wisconsin ski resort with a dedicated beginner’s area and teachers on-site who can help you find your snow legs. Read on to discover six highly regarded Wisconsin ski resorts that will have a beginner carving up the snow in no time.

Granite Peak – Wausau

Granite Peak is one of Wisconsin’s premier ski resorts. The park boasts an impressive 700 feet of vertical height and 75 total runs. What sets this location apart for beginners is that 30% of the runs are graded as easier and beginner friendly. You’ll also find a fantastic ski school here that offers lessons for everyone from young children to women’s-only adult groups.

Christmas Mountain – Wisconsin Dells

This small ski hill packs a big bang for your buck. Four of Christmas Mountain’s 16 total runs are beginner friendly and excellent places to learn. They also have a high number of quality intermediate runs like Gilly’s Gulch, where quick learners can go to test their skills. For the best experience at Christmas Mountain, consider staying on-site at their resort and booking your lift ticket and lessons in advance.

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