Ditch The Pool With These 4 Tennessee Swimming Spots

While we usually suggest going by epic girl group TLC’s advice (because no one really WANTS a scrub), we’re going to have to go against them on this one. Waterfalls are definitely worth chasin’. and we’re all about experiencing the beauty of natural swimming holes when the weather gets warmer. Make the most of your summer plans with a visit to one of these awesome swimming spots!

Percy Priest Lake’s Swimming Beach



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Percy Priest Lake is a super popular destination during the summer. Not only is it super close to the city, but it has a little something for everyone: cliff jumping for the thrill seekers, Nashville Shores for those who aren’t repulsed by water parks (we stand among you – they’re awesome), and people who just want a beach vacation where they do absolutely nothing really badly. Make the drive to Percy Priest and bring $4 for the carload. You’ll probably want to take a cooler if you’re staying for a while with some food & drinks, and there are picnic tables to sit at and a playground right next to the beach!

Harpeth River Swimming Hole



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As if Franklin wasn’t charming enough already; the nearby Tennessee town is downright idyllic in the summertime. A lot of that wonderful vibe has to do with spots along the Harpeth River. A particular area that is a hit with the locals can be found near the intersection of Temple Road and Old Natchez Trace. The swimming hole has a rope swing that’s super popular with the youngins’! Proceed with caution and have a blast.

Rutledge Falls



Channeling your inner Pocahontas with a personal rendition of “Just Around The Riverbend”, random statues, small-town American life, mom and pop shops, seeing people fishing, photography, feeling like you’ve discovered a hidden gem


Rutledge Falls feels like a well-kept secret. Found just beyond the Baptist church in the charming small town of Tullahoma, TN, the attraction draws locals and visitors alike, you just have to know where you’re going. There’s very little signage leading to the falls, so start at the Baptist church and work your way down the fairly short hiking trail to the gorgeousness waiting at the bottom! Great for climbing, and a beautiful place to take photogr

Cummins Falls



Aquatic adventures, climbing on stuff, nature photography, anything ever pinned on a “travel” board on Pinterest, spring water, Man v. Wild, taking badass/adventurous group photos and hashtagging #squadgoals


Located on the Blackburn Fork State Scenic River in Jackson County, Cummins Falls is straight up magical. Winding trails, creeks to hike across, and OH YEAH – a breathtaking waterfall and swimming hole. Make sure you bring water shoes – the only down side to having to climb through the creek to get to the waterfall is the pain of walking on rocks. Bring along your friends who are willing to get a little dirty, and dress as casual as possible. Bring your bathing suit and a waterproof case to pack your phone/camera in, because you’re going to want to get pictures.

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