Easel for Painting Panels, My Hack

I had attempted to make the easel part a couple other times, but the issue always was how to attach it to the tripod. I knew what I needed, but I hated to order a 79 cent part online. Finally I found what I needed at Menards – 1/4″-20 x 1/4″ Brad Hole Tee Nuts. I’ve used these in a couple of my other pochade hacks earlier this year/late last year. When my friend Julie was emailing me about the easel she was constructing I had to get mine finished too.

I created mine with parts I already had and only had to buy the threaded tee nut. I have several of these inexpensive wooden table easels:

I took it apart and realized I needed to put a couple of the legs back on because I needed something to use as spacers for the lower ledge so that the adjustable top bracket could slide in the grooves. These were the exact thickness I needed, and they already had holes drilled.

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