Our 27 Best Painting Tips

Painting is one of those things that appear to be easy—it’s just slapping a color on a flat surface!—but is, in fact, a big freaking deal. It’s not just the act of painting that’s tough, but all the preliminary choices that need to be made to even get to that point, e.g. which walls to paint, period. None of those things happen without major internal (and, often, external) debate, due to the fact that the color of your walls will end up affecting not only the look of your place but how you’ll feel in it. No pressure. On top of sorting through endless paint chips and deciding between matte and high-gloss, there’s the technical stuff. How do you avoid permanent brushstrokes? What do you do with all the leftover paint crowding your meager closet space? So we’ve polled industry experts, tapped top brands, and delved deep into our own archives to get intel on every step of the painting process. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about painting your home:

How to choose a paint color:

Go with the popular vote

We asked Benjamin Moore, Farrow & Ball, Ralph Lauren Paint, Sherwin-Williams, and Valspar to share their bestsellers, which resulted in this list of 30 can’t-go-wrong paint colors.

Our 27 Best Painting Tips

Stick with white—but not just any white

You could go warmer, you could go cooler, or you could just pick one from the top ten most popular white paints for sale right now from the country’s top brands.

Base your decision on the room you’re painting

These ten colors work great in bedrooms—some create a soothing retreat, others result in a space that’s going to wake you up fast. Redoing the bathroom is a whole ‘nother ball game. Try one of these colors instead.

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