Our 27 Best Painting Tips

Remember that the color will affect your mood

Yes, it’s true, according to the American Psychological Association.

If you’re totally lost, just trust Anthropologie

The brand recently curated a no-fail palette of Farrow & Ball paint colors, and many are shown in an Anthro-esque space so you see the color’s greatness in a real-life setting.

Regardless of your choice, tone it down a few notches

“The key to creating a home that looks sophisticated enough for an actual grown-up to live in is to select your color, then look for a SUPER DESATURATED version of it,” Orlando Soria, Instagram star and author of Get It Together ($40, Prestel), told us.
black bedroom with cafe table

How into high-gloss paint are you after seeing this Upper East Side kitchen?Photo: Gieves Anderson

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