Ten of Ireland’s best outdoor swimming spots

Pollock Holes, Kilkee, Co Clare

The Pollock Holes are popular with Kilkee locals and for good reason. This large network of tidal pools offer crystal clear waters in a breathtaking setting. Located a short stroll from Kilkee Beach, the pools aren’t immediately obvious, but due to their popularity you shouldn’t have too much trouble working out how to get down to them (if in doubt follow the crowds). The holes themselves should be visited within two hours of low tide so all that remains are the pools themselves.

Aughrus Pier, Connemara

Nestled in Claddaghduff in the heart of Connemara, Aughrus pier is a gem. With the option of easing yourself in gently from the beach or taking a run and jump into the clear waters of the Atlantic from the pier itself, the calm waters of Aughrus Bay are the perfect place to soak up the surrounding scenery. More often than not, you will also have the place to yourself, even on a warm summer’s evening.

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