The 11 Best Beginner-Friendly Ski Runs in Colorado

When pausing to ponder what makes a green ski run great, it’s more than being obviously geared towards a beginner. It goes beyond a matter of ease and certainly above a boring service road. The following green trails possess winning characteristics ranging from natural, effortless flows, expansive breadths, incredible views and fun features along the way. Above all, these are runs that you want to do again and again, for which that green circle doesn’t just mean novice, but screams GO!

Beaver Creek

Cabin Fever

Living up to its name but in a good way, this run begins at the top of Bachelor Gulch Express lift.  Take a right and wander into the woods on a perfectly smooth slope that eventually opens into a sea of glades, speckled with small jumps and fun forest tributaries. As the slope widens, the pitch becomes slightly steeper, going from green to blue before flattening and finishing in front of the Ritz-Carlton.

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