The Best Beginner and Intermediate Ski Runs in Utah

Utah offers some of the steepest and deepest skiable terrain in the country. But the ride is just as spectacular for people who are still learning to ski or snowboard.

The Wasatch Mountains are as accommodating for beginners and intermediates as they are gorgeous—with plenty of mellow terrain at all 14 resorts and top-notch ski school instruction on-site.

But once you get comfortable on skis, you start looking for those truly great beginner and intermediate runs. We’re talking about those long, scenic trails that are the whole reason you came to Utah in the first place. They allow you to stay in your comfort zone, but offer the opportunity to push yourself as you become a better skier. So where are those green and blue runs that will put a smile on your face? Here are some of the best that Utah has to offer.



Alta boasts a lot of classic expert terrain, but it also offers one beautiful bonus to beginners—the “Sunnyside @ Three” program. For just $10, you get a lift ticket to access its three most beginner-level lifts: Sunnyside, Albion, and Cecret. Whether you’re taking advantage of the Sunnyside deal or cruising these lifts all day, they offer almost all green runs (with a couple of blues if you’re feeling wild). Ski the gently winding Dipsy-Doodle or Sunnyside runs, enjoying jaw-dropping views of the surrounding peaks as you go.

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