What does a resort have to be to be included in the World’s top ten? What exactly makes one resort stand out above others? Well it’s not simply miles of pistes, or expensive hotels, although that may be important to some; nor is it just high-speed heated lifts and fine dining.

Okay: so yes, it’s firstly about the skiing experience; but there has to be more to it than that. In our opinion, there has to be a welcoming connection between the local community, yourself and the mountain. We want to feel like the mountain is our second home, not that we’re simply another faceless paying punter. So putting aside transport links, spa hotels and faux fur moonboots, we’ve pulled together our favourite resorts of the world; places we’d happily call home.

Revelstoke, BC

We still love Reve! A few years ago we put Revelstoke in our World Top Ten, and its inclusion ahead of Whistler caused the message boards to question our judgment. Well sorry, but we’ve not changed our view – we still love Reve, as it has the lot: steeps, trees, perfectly maintained pistes – all covered in tons of the legendary Powder Highway snow. Some people hate the fact it’s darn hard to get to. But we love that half of Vancouver doesn’t arrive every time there’s a fresh dump – which, with Revelstoke’s snow record, is most weeks. The icing on the cake, almost literally, is that the snow here isn’t the wet maritime stuff of coastal resorts; it’s a much lighter continental snow that steep and deep dreams are made of. Like well-aged whisky, Revelstoke is well worth that little bit of extra effort.

Top Tip: Fly via Calgary, and break up the journey by visiting the fantastic resort of Kicking Horse for a day or two on your way there.

Book it: Revelstoke has it all, but if you’re still in need of more you can always experience the fantastic local heli skiing at Rogers Pass, with Selkirk Tangiers. Day trip and multi-day packages from £570.

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