This Hidden Swimming Spot Among The Redwoods In Northern California Is Heaven On Earth

When the sweltering summer heat gets to be too much to handle, our redwood forests are the perfect place to seek refuge. After all, not only areredwood trees magnificent to look at but they provide some much-needed shade as well. Richardson Grove State Park is a popular spot for Humboldt County residents during the summertime. Loaded with hiking trails and plenty of jaw-dropping trees, the park is an absolutely gorgeous place to spend the day. However, it’s also home to a delightful swimming hole that you definitely won’t be able to resist on a hot Northern California day.
During the hot summer months, there’s no better place to spend the afternoon than Richardson Grove State Park. Located near Garberville, the park can best be described as a beautiful forest oasis and it’s the perfect place to cool off on a hot day.

People have been taking advantage of this beautiful sanctuary ever since it first became a state park in 1922. In fact, Richardson Grove was one of California’s very first redwood parks. It features stunning redwoods that have grown up to 300-feet tall.

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