What is Emotional Intelligence and Why Does it Matter?

Most people are conditioned to believe that knowledge is power, when, in fact, knowledge is only potential power. In my life, I’ve been blessed enough to have many meaningful conversations, yet the one I had this past week on emotional intelligence with a young woman, Ashley Zahabian, who I met at the entrepreneurial incubator that I recently launched, Fownders, really resonated with me.

We were going through her pitch deck and stumbled across the topic of “EQ” emotional intelligence. As the conversation grew more in depth, she told me a powerful story of a young boy and his grandfather that truly altered my perception.

“A young boy and his grandfather were sitting in a car on their way to a restaurant to grab dinner,” she said. She went on explaining how the grandfather was curious as to what his grandson’s choice of food would be.

“Salmon! I love salmon so much,” the little boy shouted with high energy.

The grandfather stayed quiet as they pulled up to the restaurant and parked their car to go inside. About twenty minutes later, the food finally arrives and the little boy devours his meal and enjoys every bite of his favorite food. The grandfather, a little uneasy, approaches his grandson with a critical question.

“So you love fish, huh?” he asked.

“I do! My favorite part is the crunchy end! Thank you so much, Grandpa,” the little boy shares.

Instead of appreciating the thanks from his grandson, however, the grandfather continues to question the little boy.

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